Musée des enfants, Bruxelles/Belgique
Portland Children's Museum
Diabolo Festival, Morges
Musée des enfants - Bruxelles/Belgique (© AMusEn)

Walking through the museum, young visitors will discover many interactive activities at their own pace. It will be a place where they can learn and have fun, all at the same time! As far as the older ones are concerned, they will be able to learn from the detailed explanations that will accompany each exhibit.

Whether it’s a family or a class, everyone will be able to find something to stimulate their curiosity.

Several hundred children's museums exist all over the world, including more than 300 in the United States alone, where this concept was born more than a century ago. The AMusEn has been inspired by the children’s museums that its board members have been able to visit (more than 30), but has been adapted to match its theme.

The museum will be centered around children aged beween 2 and 12, but generally will be a lively and friendly meeting place for the whole family. It will be open to the broader public via thematic or guided tours for adults, after work activities, and occasional brunches.


  • extended opening hours
  • large capacity
  • all-weather activity
  • activity for children of very different ages
  • large-scale and quality amenities
  • special facilities for families
  • no reservation required
  • reasonable admission fee

Some inspirations :

⇒ Sample of possible activities (in French only)


While some children's museums focus on the sciences or the arts, others are generalized. Our project favors a more generalized approach but, around a permanent exhibition via a defined theme:

« Switzerland: a country of diversity »

This red narrative will address the following aspects:

  • geography, landscape and monuments;
  • history and politics;
  • science, industry and economics;
  • demographics and multiculturalism;
  • art, culture and traditions;
  • sports and hobbies.

Each of these themes will be approached from the point of view of Swiss diversity: diversity of landscapes, demographic and political diversity, diversity of traditions,...



Musée Suisse des Transports
Musée Suisse des Transports
Barryland - Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard
Exposition « Par ici la monnaie »
Musée Suisse des Transports - Lucerne (© AMusEn)

From the "International Geneva" to the Landsgemeinde of Appenzell, you’ll be able to accompany the children while discovering a country with a multitude of characteristics. Activities focusing on the luxury watch industry, funiculars or even yodeling, will be pretexts to broaden the subsequent real-life experiences!

The museum will be centered around a permanent multilingual exhibition; temporary exhibitions may however be arranged depending on the venue and the means available.

Some key figures (estimates)

900 m2
Permanent exhibition area
200 m2
Temporary exhibition area
Annual visitors
  • Initial investment, approx. 14 mio. CHF, of which:
    • building: approx. 9'800'000 CHF
    • interior fittings, activities and miscellaneous: approx. 4'200'000 CHF
  • Admission fee: less than 15 CHF
  • Duration of visit: 1h-2h
  • Number of activites: between 50 and 60